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mfc application

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I am unclear as to what this code does. I think it opens a file open dialog box. bool SelectFile(CString& PathFileName, LPCTSTR sTitle) { CFileDialog fDlg(true); char dir[_MAX_PATH]; strcpy(dir, PathFileName); strcat(dir,"\0"); char filter[] = {"Open (*.TXT)\0*.TXT\0\0"}; fDlg.m_ofn.lpstrInitialDir = dir; fDlg.m_ofn.lpstrTitle = sTitle; fDlg.m_ofn.lpstrFilter = filter; if ( fDlg.DoModal() != IDOK ) { return false; } PathFileName = fDlg.GetPathName(); return true; }

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Why not run it and see?

It opens an "open file" dialog with the specified title and initial path, searching for text files (*.txt) and fills in the passed in string with the selected file and returns true if the user clicks the "OK" button, or returns false if they click "Cancel".

Incidently, there's at least 3 issues I see with that:
1. This does nothing: strcat(dir,"\0");
2. If PathFileName is longer than MAX_PATH characters, you'll corrupt your stack.
3. The initial directory passed to the CFileDialog points at a file, not a path (Although I don't tknow if this is a problem).

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Here is a short piece of code that I used to something that you want (open a file presumably)

CString szFile(TEXT("*.bmp"));
CString szFilter(TEXT("Bitmap Files (*.BMP)|*.bmp|JPEG Files (*.JPG)|*.jpg||"));

CFileDialog fDialog(TRUE, TEXT("bmp"), szFile, 0, szFilter, this);

m_bImageLoaded = FALSE;

if(fDialog.DoModal() == IDOK)
// load in the selected file
Check the MSDN for information on what parameters the CFileDialog class actually uses.

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