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Punchin Deck

Building A Rendering Engine....

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Afternoon all. As the title says I would like to start building a rendering engine. I'm not at this stage at least, concerning myself with input, networking, physics and sound or anything else for that matter. I only want to focus on the graphics side and that is it. I would like the graphics engine to support both OpenGL and D3D, and I would like the graphics engine to render 2D sprites (although I know that D3D at least has an ID3DXSprite object) and simple 3D objects like spheres, cubes and pyramids etc. However I would like there to be scope to render full blown 3D models too (but I want to learn to walk before running ;)). So what I would like to know is where to actually start. I would like to point out that I know how to initialise a window and initialize the graphics API (either OGL or D3D) ready for sending vertices down the pipeline but that is actually it. When it comes to deciding how to repesent vertices, indices and polygons I'm completely lost. Is there any good tutorials about on this subject? or a gentle push in the right direction would be really appreciated because at the moment I'm really frustrated :(. Thanks, Punchin Deck.

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