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I am working on a project that uses point sprites as rendering primitives. I want to manipulate output using vertex and fragment programs and can't seem to get them working together properly. So far the only thing I get are normal points, which are not even of appropriate size according to distance. They are just small dots, as if I wasn't using point sprites. Shaders are very simple, they do not change anything for now. I am using only aplha channel of texture for rendering point sprites. Gl.glEnable(Gl.GL_BLEND); Gl.glBlendFunc(Gl.GL_SRC_ALPHA, Gl.GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA); float[] mat = new float[16]; Gl.glPointSize(60); Gl.glTranslatef(ViewerPosition.x, ViewerPosition.y, ViewerPosition.z - 100); SetShaderParameters(); EnableShaders(); float[] quadratic = { 1, 0f, 0.01f }; Gl.glPointParameterfvARB(Gl.GL_POINT_DISTANCE_ATTENUATION_ARB, quadratic); Gl.glPointParameterfARB(Gl.GL_POINT_FADE_THRESHOLD_SIZE_ARB, 60.0f); float maxSize = 0.0f; Gl.glGetFloatv(Gl.GL_POINT_SIZE_MAX_ARB, out maxSize); Gl.glPointParameterfARB(Gl.GL_POINT_SIZE_MIN_ARB, 1.0f); Gl.glPointParameterfARB(Gl.GL_POINT_SIZE_MAX_ARB, maxSize); Gl.glTexEnvf(Gl.GL_POINT_SPRITE_ARB, Gl.GL_COORD_REPLACE_ARB, Gl.GL_TRUE); Gl.glEnable(Gl.GL_POINT_SPRITE_ARB); Gl.glBindTexture(Gl.GL_TEXTURE_2D, texture[0]); Gl.glDepthMask(Gl.GL_FALSE); // Track the combined model-view-projection matrix CgGl.cgGLSetStateMatrixParameter(m_CGparam_modelViewProj, CgGl.CG_GL_MODELVIEW_PROJECTION_MATRIX, CgGl.CG_GL_MATRIX_IDENTITY); checkForCgError("setting state matrix parameter"); Gl.glGetFloatv(Gl.GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX, mat); Vector3f vRight = new Vector3f(mat[0], mat[4], mat[8]); Vector3f vUp = new Vector3f(mat[1], mat[5], mat[9]); Vector3f vCenter = new Vector3f(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f); //render Gl.glColor3f(1, 1, 0); Point3D centerPoint = new Point3D(25, -25, 0); Gl.glBegin(Gl.GL_POINTS); Gl.glVertex3f(centerPoint.x - 25, centerPoint.y - 25, 0); Gl.glVertex3f(centerPoint.x + 25, centerPoint.y - 25, 0); Gl.glVertex3f(centerPoint.x + 25, centerPoint.y + 25, 0); Gl.glVertex3f(centerPoint.x - 25, centerPoint.y + 25, 0); Gl.glEnd(); Gl.glPopMatrix(); //Gl.glCallList(lidarDisplList); Gl.glDepthMask(Gl.GL_TRUE); Gl.glDisable(Gl.GL_POINT_SPRITE_ARB); DisableShaders();

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