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Unity Internet browser based 3D engines

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A bit of a plug, I've currently started writing a blog about browser based 3D engines and would like some feedback. I first got into game dev during the times of Macromedia/Adobe Director 8.5 and am currently using Unity 3D as well as, dare I even mention this, Second Life with Opensim. I'd love nothing more than to shout praise for Unity 3D but, instead, will clarify a few points. Unity 3D is currently a mac based authoring environment Unity 3D is coming to windows Unity 3D can create content for mac and windows machines The content you create can be ported to the Nintendo Wii and iPhone I've always believed that unless you can make the content accessible to people immediately, it will be an uphill struggle to promote yourself. It's for this reason that I'm sticking to browser based 3D engines and online communities in which demonstrations can be given in real-time (thus, Second Life). I haven't even looked around this forum yet but I wouldn't be surprised if SL is frowned upon. Admittedly it's not a game dev tool but changes are being made which will see a lot of people using the engine to create stand alone content. For me, the important thing about it is that there's a lot of competition in the community and in the right circles, standards are very high. I'm not sure if this will be judged as spam, if it is I apologize, this is my first post. You can read my blog here. [Edited by - zante on July 20, 2008 11:00:23 AM]

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