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OpenGL Procedurally created bitmap OGL/C++

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Hi guys, hope you can help with this one. I originally wrote this in Allegro and am attempting a port to openGL as a way to get to know it. Currently my setup on one area is as follows: A large portion of my game screen is taken up by a map window which shows a portion of a large bitmap - the area of the map that the player is looking at. This map is created by loading alphanumeric data from a .txt file into a 128x128 array. Once the array is populated, a function creates a bitmap of 32x128 by 32x128 pixels then copies the appropriate portions of a tileset (are they called tilesets? did I make that word up? Pre created 32x32 bitmaps with various land, sea, sand, combo, corner, etc arrangements pre-drawn) onto the bitmap to create a full world map. I also have a function which aims to hide the tile effect somewhat by blurring edges and so on on a per-pixel basis. The allegro bitmap is a member of a class Map. My question is, how can I come up with a similar setup using openGL? I have used oGL to create a practice 3d scene in teh past, but I'm drawing a blank on how to get statred on this one. A secondary question - is the technique I described actually a good way of achieving the scrollable map effect? Thanks in advance all.

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