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Sdl Get pixel color

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When it comes to per-pixel SDL things, I like this site.

It shows us this code to place a pixel:
void putpixel(int x, int y, int color)
unsigned int *ptr = (unsigned int*)screen->pixels;
int lineoffset = y * (screen->pitch / 4);
ptr[lineoffset + x] = color;

From this, we can easily get the color, instead of placing it.
Just change 'ptr[lineoffset + x] = color;' to 'return ptr[lineoffset + x];', and change the function's parameters and return type. (Return type should be type 'Uint32'.

These functions return the color not in a SDL_Color format, but bitshifted into a unsigned 32 bit integer. Look at SDL's documentation on 'SDL_MapRGB' and 'SDL_GetRGB' to figure out how to convert the ints.

Here's LazyFoo's example: (Read this tutorial)
Uint32 get_pixel32( SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y )
//Convert the pixels to 32 bit
Uint32 *pixels = (Uint32 *)surface->pixels;

//Get the requested pixel
return pixels[ ( y * surface->w ) + x ];

void put_pixel32( SDL_Surface *surface, int x, int y, Uint32 pixel )
//Convert the pixels to 32 bit
Uint32 *pixels = (Uint32 *)surface->pixels;

//Set the pixel
pixels[ ( y * surface->w ) + x ] = pixel;

You must lock and unlock your surfaces when accessing the pixels. (I think it's only required when writing new pixels, but I do it when reading and when writing, just to be sure)

//Lock the surface.

//pixel altering code goes here.

//Unlock when we are done.

Just read this: LazyFoo's SDL Lesson #31

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