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[web] Help with Stored Procedures in PostgreSQL

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Here's a run down of what I'm working with. I have a table that contains game information (home team, away team, location, etc.). I have a second table that contains game assignments (who is working the game); this table has a game_id to reference the, well, game's id. I'm wanting to use a stored procedure to store snapshots of both tables whenever a change is made to a game. Initially I was going to create a stored procedure for each table and set a trigger before an update occurred, but there is information I want to store that I don't have access to when the triggers go off. Because of this, I'm trying to create a function that will perform both actions when I call it. I'm not accustomed to writing stored procedures, so I may be doing unnecessary actions (such as nothing := "INSERT ..."; it's the only way I could create the function without getting some kind of compile error). Here's what I have so far:
	current_game_id ALIAS FOR $1;
	changed_game_id integer;
	game_data RECORD;
	game_assignments RECORD;
	nothing RECORD;
	game_data := "SELECT * FROM WHERE id = current_game_id";
	changed_game_id := "SELECT nextval(operations.game_change_id_seq)";

	nothing := "INSERT INTO operations.game_changes(id, game_id, ts, level, hometeam, awayteam, location, status, user_id)
	VALUES(changed_game_id, current_game_id, game_data.ts, game_data.level, game_data.hometeam, game_data.awayteam, game_data.location, game_data.status, game_data.user_id)";

	FOR game_assignments IN SELECT * FROM operations.assignments WHERE game_id = current_game_id LOOP
		nothing := "INSERT INTO operations.assignment_changes(game_change_id, user_id, game_fee, travel_fee, perdiem_fee, status)
		VALUES(changed_game_id, game_assignments.user_id, game_assignments.fee_id, game_assignments.travel_fee, game_assignments.perdiem_fee, game_assignments.status)";

' LANGUAGE plpgsql

The intent is to pass the game_id, select all data of the specified game, store it in a separate table, grab all assignments for that game and store that information in a separate table as well. After calling this function I would update the game and assignments accordingly so that I can maintain a history of changes for the games. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

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After getting a second set of eyes to look and critique my actions, I finally have a working solution. Not sure if anyone would be interested, but if so, I can post the solution.

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