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Make a class

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I am making a class based shoter like team fortress 2. I want to think of some unique class ideas. heres the one I have thught f the most. And By the way, the classes can(and are encouraged t be) crazy like in team fortress 2. This is not a realistic class game(like COD4 or battlefield BC) Okay here it goes. Name-driver Nationality- italian Look-would be dressed in a racing suit with helmet(similar to those worn be Ferrari racers, hence the italian part) Weapons-A: One remote controlled land vehicle and/or B: one remote controlled air vehicle(each would be big enough so you could see them, like big really RC vehicles, I would probably chose just the land vehicle though, a plane wouldn`t fit seeing hes a "driver"). each would have guns on them. When one got shot they would blow up and the driver would get and electric shock from the remote control.Alt fire for vehicles would be a kamikaze(sp) type explosion. When they get intelligence they would be slower? Second weapon-shotgun Melee- he would taser them with the remote. Health-low-medium low Speed-medium It my first class idea so it probably would`t work. I think it would be funny though. A heavy gets killed and the camera shows an RC car(the car could even have its own taunts). Whats you class idea?

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I like this game, good idea!

Name - Opera Singer
Nationality - I guess italian aswell!
Look - big fat opera singer black/white dress code
1 - singing causes your enemies to hear nothing but the anoying singing, any glass bases characters would take damage. Recharge time.
2 - super sonic sound cannon, sends enemies flying
3 - tommy gun, sort of 1/2 gangster.
4 - Sound decoy, deployable, plays back the sound of characters (running/jumping/etc)
melee - belly bash, damage and unbalances enemies.

speed - medium
health - medium

a very tactical character. Distract, dampen and generally anoy enemies.

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Look-Gloves, trucks, boots, face a little bashed in, black eye, missing front tooth.
Weapon-Melee specialist, can deliver powerful melee attacks at 4x normal melee speed. Attacks come in a cycle, three left jabs and a right cross. Jabs stun, cross KOs. Jabs can also deflect launched (non-bullet) projectiles.
Secondary-Medicine Ball. Boxer punches ball, ball becomes projectile with substantial knockback power and moderate damage, low rate of fire.
Melee-Block. Holds gloves up, obstructing vision but reducing damage taken substantially. Attacking while in this mode throws a punch and switches to primary punching mode, dropping guard.

A rushing class. If he gets up to you, he'll pound you with a relentless rain of punches, stunning you and eating away at your health in big bites. The medicine ball can be used to push enemies around or to interfere with a runner, and the block adds some survivability during the initial approach.

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This one just popped in my head, I don't think its amazing but it kind of fits what you're going for.

Class- Dog
Look- A 4 legged german sheperd.
Weapons: Bite with its sharp teeth.
Secondary: Shit mines.
Melee: Tackle.
Health: Medium.(Has bullet proof jacket)
Speed: Very quick.

The dog is a support unit. Other classes can give it items to carry in its mouth to bring to other players and maybe use itself. Its fast and can distract other players and bite their legs to make your enemy slower. Maybe a mechanic class can put a turret or something on its back.

Maybe the dog can just be something another class can use and control.

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Class- Jack Thompson
Look- Suit and tie with a giant target painted on back
Weapons: Poisonous oral flatulence
Secondary: Acidic spittle
Melee: Flinchy-slapping
Health: Just enough to make it fun to beat 'em around a bit
Speed: Slow but with large bonus when used in co-op with the Camera Man class.

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Class- Waiter
Look- A french waiter in a nice black suit holding a stack of plates
Weapons: Throws plates as projectiles ( three height of plates determines the amount of ammo )
Secondary: Pulls out Champagne bottle and opens it which comes out in a form of purple fog obscuring view and aim.
Melee: Block. Pulls out a tall menu and opens it protecting him from front attacks
Health: High. ( He's French. He eats well. :] )
Speed: Steady ( with great posture! :] )

It's original. :]

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Class: Unix-wizard
Nationality: American
Look: Large (all directions), enormous white beard, glasses - gandalf in a t-shirt
Weapons: Shell scripts (streams of seemingly incomprehensible but really rather useful text that paralyze anyone who isn't a unix wizard)
Secondary: Freedom! The Unix Wizard can, given enough time (delay during which he is vulnerable), copy the technical devices of other classes.
Melee: Weak (hit over head with manual? Personal hygiene attack?)
Health: High
Speed: Very slow

Think Richard Stallman, or Eric Raymond with less firepower. :-)

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To be fair, the team fortress 2 classes are not ridicilous except for in their presentation. Otherwise they are pretty standard. So classes like jack thompson seems pretty useless in practical use for a game.

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Class - Blizzard Executive
Nationality - American
Look - Dark suit and tie. Unremarkable, except for an unmistakable aura of insane pulsing blue power.
Weapons - Very large bunches of cash. Blizzard Executives can control the flow of money, feeding off of it, or sending it out waves of it to crash down upon their enemies. This weapon is overpowered and is expected to be nerfed in the next patch.
Secondary Weapon - Intellectual Property. Blizzard Exec. Stuns opponent with previous titles, and the promise of more titles in the works.
Melee - Absorb. Absorbs enemy concepts and ideas, making said enemy obsolete.
Health - Unlimited. Using the absorb attack also makes Blizzard Executive stronger.
Speed - AGONIZINGLY SLOW. All abilities can only be used "When they're ready" and not a second sooner.

No, but seriously it would be cool to have a businessman/lawyer in a TF2 kind of setting.

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Name- Morphic
Nationality- None
Weapons-A: This can use the last weapon used against them of that type (so if hit with a melee attack, the Morphic's melee attack will become the same as that attack, and it won't change their ranged attack (unless they get hit with a ranged attack)
Health- Moderate
Speed- Moderate

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