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Multiplayer cell phone game?

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Yes it is possible.

You are asking an extremely vague question.

Multiplayer in what way? Two people on the same phone? Multiple phones connected through Bluetooth? Or maybe with HSPA, Wi-Fi, or some other technology?

Once you give an answer to that, it should be simple to find examples of inter-device communication using the corresponding technology.

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The only "viable" platforms at the moment are Symbian (extremely hard to start with), or JavaME (fairly easy to start with, widespread), Windows Mobile (fairly easy to start with), and Linux (quite difficult as well, as only very few handsets run Linux). To get started with Java ME, get Netbeans Mobility from www.netbeans.org, and visit http://java.sun.com/javame/ to get acquantied with Java ME. Windows Mobile apps can be made using some flavors of Visual Studio, http://visualstudio.com

Your possibilities for multi player games depend on the technology you have at your disposal:

Bluetooth: Phones that feature the right APIs can interface via Bluetooth. In Java ME, look for JSR-82. Latencies and connection stability may vary, but it is de facto the best way - if you manage to establish a connection at all in the first place.

IrDA Infrared: Imagine Bluetooth, only much, much worse connection quality and stability. Slower, and higher latencies. Can't really hold or move the phone while playing.

TCP/UDP: There are libraries for online play, or you could write your own. Latencies are going to be very, very high; unless the phone uses a WiFi connection. This functionality will be available on most phones. It may require a server to relay the data.

Hotseat: Well, of course.

Split Screen: Painful to play, but possibly doable for something as simple as Pong(tm).

Play by Mail/SMS: Possible on phones that allow you to either access the Wireless Messaging API, or you could write your own mail client.

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