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Visual Studio 2008: Building from the commandline

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EDIT: I'm a retard. I took the wrong solution file which obviously doesn't contain a "v5 release" variant, because it's a solution with all project dependencies in it. Taking the correct solution file does make the project build properly. Thank you for your time, no need to reply :). I'm currently using the VS2008 built-in feature to build release builds of our application from the commandline, sign them and pack them into a setup. This works great if I want to build a Release or Debug version from the commandline. The arguments are like this: devenv "D:\Dp AutoBuild\DeskProto\DPToolsAndSetup.sln" /nologo /rebuild "release|%1" (%1 is either win32 or x64, depending on which build script is running) However, the weird thing is, we have various configurations, where none of them are called 'release' or 'debug'. We have a v5 release, v5 release trial and v5 release lite. If I use the 'release' switch, I get a v5 release build, which is fine until now. I also want to be able to build the lite and trial versions of our software using this process. So I figured it was just a matter of changing the rebuild arguments, but that doesn't work. No matter what I put there "v5 release lite|win32", I always get "Invalid Solution configuration". Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I tried this commandline: devenv /rebuild "v5 release|win32" "D:\Dp AutoBuild\DeskProto\DPToolsAndSetup.sln" /project "DpKernel\DpKernel.vcproj" /projectconfig "v5 release|win32" /nologo but that one doesn't work. The available configurations are: v5 debug v5 debug lite v5 debug trial v5 release v5 release lite v5 release trial Toolmaker

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