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Carnage !

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EDIT : Original upload had no sound because I had it turned off in code and forgot to put it back on before uploading. I have re uploaded the files but with sound enabled this time. I had a thread for this game a while ago, but I could not post in it, so here is the original announcement (including screenshots and information about past updates) Old annoucement (updated 20/3) ! It's been a while since the last update and a few nice things have been added to the game since that time ! heres the download link ! Download Carnage ! (updated 24/7) ! First of, the name has been changed to Carnage ! (because Total Carnage is the name of a SNES game) Heres a list of the new things added : -Easy Classic/Easy Atomic mode added -New ennemy : Exploding Fish -New ennemy : Train boss (experimental) -New ennemy : Planter Truck -Many new graphical effects -Hero can now sprint (will automatically do so when not shooting) -Added Atomic Fish/Classic Fish to showcase the exploding fish -Added Complete level (contains a bit of each type of ennemy) -Now supports alt tab FEEDBACK : If you try the game, I'm interested in feedback about : -fun factor (what you liked and didnt like) -suggestions (new ennemy concepts, new gun concepts, different level concepts) -Ideas to make the Planter Truck suck less (I admit it's not a great ennemy as is) OLD ANNOUNCEMENT (Copied and pasted so that atleast the screen shots and other information can be seen without going to the link) its a 2d action packed gun game in the style of geometry wars. This game was inspired by the old smash tv game. I'm looking for feedback on the game play, as well as suggestions about what to do in the next levels. I'm still looking for 1 or more 2D artists to help me with the game ! If your interested, your task would be to create new enemies, backgrounds, bullets, explosions... Contact me by PM, by reply or by e-mail/msn at for more information CURRENT FEATURES : -Movement and shooting directions are independent -8 Levels, including tips and progress feedback specially designed for each level -3 Unique Guns (Plasma, laser, bazooka) -8 Unique enemies (Turret, Fly, Baby Spider, Triceratops, Eye, Electron, Proton, and Sun) -1 Boss (Mother spider) -3 Different power ups (Heart, Shield, Super Shield) -Replays playing in the back of menu -Ability to save and load replays from your games -Packed with sample replays available in 'Watch Replay' Menu -Support for keyboard, mouse and XBOX 360 Controller -Highly energetic music -Fast paced action packed addictive game play CONTROLS : If you have an XBOX 360 controller plugged in, the game will use it as the default controller. Left joystick controls movement and right joystick controls gun. If you don't have a 360 controller, mouse and keyboard will be the default controls. Use WASD to move and mouse to aim gun. It is also possible to change the control scheme in the Controls menu. REQUIREMENTS : DX9 and .Net Framework 2.0 LINK : Download Total Carnage (updated 20/3) ! ScreenShots Alien Fleshy Robotic Triceratops ! (added 14/2) Incoming Triceratops ! (Added 14/2) Action shot from Classic Carnage ! (updated 17/1) Free Image Hosting at Fighting the Giant Spider Boss ! (updated 17/1) Free Image Hosting at Atomic Carnage ! (updated 17/1) Free Image Hosting at Blood Test ! (added 17/1) Free Image Hosting at I got some questions I'd like your feedback on : -Found it fun ? -How is the difficulty ? Too hard or just right ? -Any cool mechanics ideas to suggest me? Current TODO List : -Add more maps, with different physics systems/enemies/power ups/? Enjoy the game and please leave some feedback ! [Edited by - RamboPowPow on July 25, 2008 12:59:05 PM]

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Fantastic, loved it. Those Alien Fleshy Robotic Triceratops were fun to play with.

-Found it fun ?
Very. Would make a great XBL Arcade game! I'm sorry my Xbox-for-Windows controller has fallen victim to mouse teeth (damn student flats) so I'll have another play with it when I can get a replacement.

-How is the difficulty ? Too hard or just right ?
A little hard for the 'easy' mode to start off with. Get a learning curve going, maybe a tutorial mode demonstrating the controls, pointing out enemies and what risks they pose, explaining pickups and whatnot. Go easy on the player if it's their first time, make them feel like they're doing well, THEN open the throttle, otherwise it'll end up as just another 5-minute game that will only get played once or twice.

-Any cool mechanics ideas to suggest me?
Pickups pickups pickups. Have a rare one that blasts everything off the screen (and make it cool - ever seen the Universe Enema from the game Skullmonkeys?). Maybe a bullet-time pickup that slows everything down?

Other than that, it just needs a bit of polish (probably hence your request for a 2D artist) and a soundtrack of your own. Oh, and some mouse interaction in the menus would be nice, this is 2008 :)

EDIT: One Universe Enema:

All enemies stop in their tracks, the enema unleashes, everything get frazzled and the player ends up dazed and upside down. I love the Neverhood games.

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Thanks for the good feedback !

Your suggestions are pretty good, and each of them, except for the tutorial were things i was already thinking about adding.

Some of the songs in game were made specifically for the game by chimera music group, and as time moves forward, more songs will be produced for the game until the entire soundtrack is custom designed.

About the pickups, i've been thinking about the 2 pickups you suggested, and your suggestion made me rethink the impact it would have on the game, and now i'm pretty sure i'll be adding both pickups you suggested (although bullet time may be removed if it ends up bringing nothing good to the gameplay). About the destroy screen pickup, i'm thinking either have it be a pickup, or a player ability. The ability i have in mind is a rage bar that slowly fills as ennemies are killed and empties as the player is hurt. When activated, something similar to warcraft 3 blademaster bladestorm ability will be unleashed (player starts spinning with knife out, invincible and destroying everything it touches, perhaps also the hero will also grow in size to make the ability deadlier)

Tutorial will probably happen one day or another, but i'm not considering it now, as i consider it's too early on to make a tutorial, since i don't know what i'll be adding/changing. Maybe i could add a really really easy level or 2 on the next release to serve as a tutorial, as almost everyone has trouble the first few times they play (even if i have had easier and easier levels in each release in the last 6 months).

Mouse interaction is a given, probably in next release :-)

If you ever find your xbox 360 controller, do give the game another try, because the gameplay is about 100 times more fun with it than with any other control scheme. Which makes me think... i messed another thing in this release... it doesn't have rumble support (for when you get hurt)... i need to stop releasing versions with bypass code into it :-/

Thanks for the feedback !

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i enjoyed it. However i felt the colours are not right. I found it very difficult to track the crosshair. I dont think green is a good back ground colour.

Its grass right? you could try using dirt/mud.

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