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AI vs AI

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There was this tank battle game where you program an AI controller for the tank and battle other AI tanks. Do you know of programs like that? Could you list them? They're not likely to be popular with markets the size of regular games. Most game developers want a big market and must bow to the pressures of making money. Linux is getting dumbed-down. AI vs AI is in the realm of programming for entertainment, a small niche. If you're willing to settle for a small market, programmers can create their own slice of Heaven. My operating system is just for programmers. On line help..? It just points you to the source code ;-) How cool is that? I'll have to host some AI vs AI games. Maybe we can form some clubs. I did a physics simulator called SimStructure which let you do control systems for space craft and stuff. I did a controller for a missile. It might be fun for AI vs Ai type stuff.

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