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Cop Chaser

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Proudly presenting you Cop Chaser! In Cop Chaser, you start with 5000 $, and must participate in various events where you need to overtake police and dodge traffic to win Gold, Silver and Bronze awards which increase your money. Buy new and faster vehicles which allow you to finish events in a faster time, and dodge the cops and scenery objects before your car is wrecked. ---

What's New:

1.2.0 Fixed crashes on vista! Fixed other crashes! Version should be stable Added engine blowup warning 1.1.0 Fixed crash due to missing sounds Fixed most of the problems with cops Fixed level 5 black gap Added copmeter Added engine heatmeter --- Made using the allegro library. Still somewhat buggy, but version is stable and playable! Feedback would be really appreciated ! Welcome screen Garage menu Level select menu Challenge start CC in action #1 CC in action #2 Download Cop Chaser ! Project website on allegro [Edited by - Beather on July 26, 2008 4:22:39 PM]

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