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Downloading "DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (October 2004) Extras"

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Original post by daredevil14
oh thanks, i thought that even from, they will redirect me to Microsoft download page...

Anyway, does this update solve the linker problem ( security problem ) with MS Visual C++ 6.0 ?

Wow, you must be working for the same silly company I did awhile back... I wonder.

They refused to update their engine to use anything but Oct 2004 and forced us to use VC6 as their crappy code wouldnt compile on 2003 or later.

I wonder....

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i've installed the "Summer Update" of DirectX 9.0 SDK, i found the extra LIB that is for MS Visual Studio 6.0, i refered to it in the directories settings, but still not working!! any help? am bored with problems, i wanna start programming :S

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