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Multisampled Rendertargets

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I am working on a Direct3D9 project and am trying to get multisampling to work. Now, sadly, when i enable Multisampling on the backbuffer and the postprocessing rendertargets i only get garbage. No actual scene geometry is in my rendertargets. Now, i am aware of the fact that i have to render to a rendertarget created by CreateRenderTarget with multisampling enabled and then StretchRect into a texture that i can use for postprocessing. But somehow i think that is not the problem here. I ran the application through PIX to check the contents of my textures during the draw calls and their content never changes. The app sets the new rendertarget and does some draw calls but the content of the rendertarget is still the memory garbage that's usually in there :P I check all return values from D3D and they're all S_OK, i used the debug runtime and besides the warnings about duplicate states there is nothing it complains about. Just to be clear on this, if i just disable multisampling, everything runs as expected. The rendertargets are filled with whatever i am drawing and then later copied by StretchRect for processing. And help on why this happens would be greatly appreciated.

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