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Meshsmoothing at the borders

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Hi, I am pretty much done with the iso surface extraction, there is only one little problem left to solve. The border contours suffer from a step effect caused by high differences in the heightvalues (see screenshot) Steps at the Borders Currently I only smooth against the 2 adjacent vertices. I also tried it with 4 adjacent vertices, but thats more a hack than a solution, if the differences get higher than shown in the screenshot you had to use 8,16, ... vertices I may only use border vertices, otherwise I get cracks between neighbouring terrain chunks. One Solution I could come up with is to identify border edges and search for adjacent edges, thats what I described earlier, but the problem remains with the growing size of the height differences. Should I live with that problem as it is and proceed or should I really investigate a little more? In the end it will only be visibile at rocky terrain like mountains and my not be that visible.

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