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Some trouble with some samples of "Beginning Game Audio Programming"

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OK, first off, saying I opened this thread here because I thought it was the right place, due to "Books" section semmed to me a place about book reviews, and "Music and Sound" section about composition of music and sound, not programming audio. However, if I did wrong, I ask thread to be moved to the right place. :) And one said that: Greetings to everyone. I’m learning some audio programming and, for that reason, now I’m following with the book "Beginning Game Audio Programming" by Mason McCuskey, but I have experienced problems using the samples inside the CD content. I’ll make a brief description: -On running Ch5p1_ConcurrentPlayback and Ch5p2_SoundInstances sometimes you can hear the sound repeated for the number of times stablished... but sometimes it sounds one less. -On running Ch6p1_MIDIPlayback you cannot accelerate the tempo by setting the Master Tempo to 2, and it’s suppose some messages printed on screen should appear according to dispatching performance messages (pooling into a bucle, or using threads running concurrently) but none of them. They’ve been tested on two computers, the first one is a Pentium IV with Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 using February 2006 Microsoft DirectX SDK, and the second one a portatile computer with Windows XP Home using Microsoft Update Summer 2003 SDK. The samples mentioned fail on both of them. I would like to know if someone else have been experimenting the same problems that me and, if it’s the case, if there’s some kind of solution, because despite it's a nice book, however, I don’t know what to do now, following up with it or not. Thanks.

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