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Pointer to member function problems

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I posted about some problems about these things before and now I'm having more problems: I have a simple window wrapper which has an OnRun(void(*fncPtr)()) function (with a peek message and stuff like that inside). the fncPtr parameter gets called inside-the fncPtr is usually a rendering or a game update function. bool NGAME::GameState_INIT() { W32WW.OnRun(ManageStates); } the W32WW.OnRun is the function I was talking about earilier (W32WW is a member variable of the NGAME class, ManageStates is a static member function of NGAME). Every time I run it i get a stack overflow error. Anyone has any suggestions? Is the OnRun(void(*fncPtr) and than calling fncPtr; inside a bad way and I should try something else?

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