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Direct3D 10 And Multiple Windows

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Hello all! :) I am planning to add multiple Window support to a 3D Engine. Is it better to have one device and one swap chain per window? (Multiple devices) Or one device and multiple swap chains(one swap chain per window)? Is there any restrictions when I have multiple swap chains on one device? What u suggest? thank you!

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In most cases a single-device-multiple-swapchain approach is the preferred method. This allows you to share resources between windows (resources are allocated per-device) but with shared handles in WDDM you can have a single device with single swapchain per window and share resources between them... but you will find it a bit more restrictive than the former.


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That is the way I'm doing it, one device and multiple swapchains. Lemme grab some code from my project.

RenderWindowDesc, struct - pass and array of this struct to the class constructor

struct RenderWindowDesc
//window related
HWND m_hWnd;
bool m_bWindowed;

//swapchain related
float m_fSwapchainWidth;
float m_fSwapchainHeight;
float m_fRefreshHz;
unsigned int m_nBufferCount;
float m_fClearRed;
float m_fClearGreen;
float m_fClearBlue;

//viewport related
float m_fViewportWidth;
float m_fViewportHeight;
float m_fViewportMinD;
float m_fViewportMaxD;
float m_fTopLeftX;
float m_fTopLeftY;

RenderWindow, struct - The actual stored data in my renderer class

struct RenderWindow
IDXGISwapChain* m_pd3dSwapChain;
ID3D10RenderTargetView* m_pd3dRenderTargetView;
D3D10_VIEWPORT m_d3dViewport;
ShtrColor* m_pClearColor;
ShtrMatrix4 m_matOrtho;
bool m_bIsRendering;
bool m_bIsWindowed;

Also, you should create the device with the
function. Then create a IDXGI factory with the
function. And then create the swapchains through the factory with the

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