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Tower/Castle Defense Game Maker

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What all should I include in it? Right now I am in designing everything I need before writing code. I started with database design. 1 database per game and file management. I got for my folders files files->images files->images->defenses files->images->enemies files->images->intros files->images->misc files->sounds for databae I got 4 tables which will be created. waves: bg_music, wave_id, intro_pic settings: intro_pic, num_waves, is_story_mode enemies: e_type, e_health, e_speed, e_wave, e_name, e_sound defenses: d_name, d_type, d_price, d_sell_price, d_dmg_ground, d_dmg_air, d_splash_dmg, d_dmg_air_distance, d_dmg_ground_distance, d_dmg_splash_radius, d_mini_icon Then when people load up the maker, they can choose to load game in making or start new If starting new, the'yll be asked if wanting story mode, and choose name of game, .ico for exe and splash screen image. From there, they can create new waves choosing bg music and intro pic (if story mode is choosen) They will also be able to create new enemies, ground enemies or air enemies with there health and animation frames. Same goes for defense, they can set the properties for it and a 32x32 img for it in game when selecting the defense from menu. anything I'm missing? or should that about cover it?

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