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point light source

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Probably not.

What you need to do, and what results you can expect, depend heavily on what you're actually doing... what code are you writing, what graphics API are you using, et cetera. Answer some of those questions and we may be able to provide more detailed, useful answers.

Chances are, however, that you will not see the light source itself. Traditionally in computer graphics, light sources are mathematical in nature -- that is, they are placed and exist, but you only see their impact on other objects around them. If you want an effect whereby you can see the bloom of the light itself, perhaps diffused through some kind of god or whatnot, you will need to implement that yourself.

If you just want to make a starfield, the typical methods are to use a skybox with a starscape texture on it, or to render point primitives (or perhaps sprites) in a background layer.

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