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[web] flash develop, mp3 (resolved)

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So... mxmlc didn't recognize my .wav's (got a compile error, asking for a mime encoder), and so I converted them to .mp3 with WinLame. I was experienceing extremely long compile times, so I separated my sound assets to a separate .as, intending to build a library. Testing with just 1 46k mp3, I can't get the compile to finish. (I'm giving up at about 10 minutes, though while I write this I've got one trying that's been going for 15.) I'm compiling on a 2.26GHz P4, 2GB Ram... fsch is using 99% of CPU. What type of compile time should I be experiencing? The .as3 code on the test class is:
package{ import; public class soundstuff extends sound { [Embed(source = 'soundclip.mp3')] public var soundSND:class; public var SoundClip:Sound = new SoundSND(); } }
EDIT: I don't know why I labeled the thread flash builder instead of flash develop, but in anycase, uninstalling/reinstalling Java and FlashDevelop fixed my embed prob. Unfortunately, it's too late for me to delete the thread -TF [Edited by - LivestockTony on July 28, 2008 8:19:20 PM]

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