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LNK2019 on _imp_memmove_s

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I was happely coding away when I suddenly got the following error. I have no idea what I did to get it. And since link errors never give a line or something, I dont know where to start looking. Any ideas?
Error	84	error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__memmove_s referenced in function "int * __cdecl std::_Copy_backward_opt<int *,int *,struct std::random_access_iterator_tag>(int *,int *,int *,struct std::random_access_iterator_tag,struct std::_Scalar_ptr_iterator_tag,struct std::_Range_checked_iterator_tag)" (??$_Copy_backward_opt@PAHPAHUrandom_access_iterator_tag@std@@@std@@YAPAHPAH00Urandom_access_iterator_tag@0@U_Scalar_ptr_iterator_tag@0@U_Range_checked_iterator_tag@0@@Z)	dfdatalibrary.lib

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Okey, Ive found out whats causing the error. Leaving the following line uncommented brings it:
DFData::DFCreature c;

Simply instancing that class causes the error. Problem is, other projects linking that library can create an instance. So I must be doing something wrong.

I have tried compiling it in both vs2005 and vs2008 express. No difference.

Im getting desperate, it seems that Ive tried everything. Tried switching between unicode and multi-byte but that had no effect either.

Google gives nothing, except that it seems to be quite a few people are encountering this.

Any ideas? Any at all...

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