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C++/Classes/Static Variable

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Hi Everyone! Topic: I have a quick question regarding static variables in classes. Background: I'm creating a simple 2D brick breaker game. The Bricks are all the same texture and therefore have the same pixel information. In my Brick Class I have an array of Boolean values that hold if a pixel at x,y on the image is transparent. Question: Instead of having to extract all the information (transparent pixel or not) for every brick I would like to only have to do it once. I was wondering if it was possible to make the array static so if it changes in one instance of a brick it changes in all. Thus, I would only have to get the data once. Other Possible Solutions: 1. My current solution is for every brick I get the pixel information from the texture. 2. Have the array outside of the class - I'd like it to be contained within the class if that's possible. Code: The way my code is organized is there is a GameObject class that has a p_PixelDataArray[x][y] . I would like to override this in the Brick class to be something like static p_PixelDataArray. GameObject bool** p_PixelDataArray Brick : GameObject static bool** p_PixelDataArray Conclusion: I'm not sure if this is correct use of static, or if I'm thinking about it wrong. I'm open for suggestions please! Thank you, -MsWho.

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Here's a working example using a private static class member.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

#define WIDTH 4
#define HEIGHT 4

class GameObject
void ModPixelDataArray (int x, int y, bool state)
p_PixelDataArray[x][y] = state;

void OutputPixelDataArray (void)
for (int y = 0; y < HEIGHT; y++)
for (int x = 0; x < WIDTH; x++)
cout << p_PixelDataArray[x][y];
cout << endl;


// Can only be modified from within GameObject
static bool p_PixelDataArray[WIDTH][HEIGHT];

// Static members have to be contained outside the class
bool GameObject::p_PixelDataArray[WIDTH][HEIGHT];

int main (void)

// Create object
GameObject go;

// Modify the bool matrix
go.ModPixelDataArray(2, 2, true);

// Display matrix

// Create object and display
GameObject go2;

// Pause

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