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0xC0000096: Privileged instruction. when accessing QueryInterface

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hi i use this hRet = pMesh->QueryInterface( IID_ID3DXMesh, (void**)&m_pMesh ); if ( FAILED(hRet) ) return hRet; in a mesh attach function.and during the execution of the program this above code is called quite a number of times.but out of the blue i get this exception 0xC0000096: Privileged instruction. please help me out to sort this issue thankz

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Windows Update Error Codes


Hardware Exceptions



Executing an instruction not allowed in current machine mode.

In other words, user mode code is attempting to execute kernel mode code.

Since it's not likely that your code contains privileged instructions, it's more likely that at some point the cpu instruction pointer jumped to some garbage bytes that the cpu is trying to interpret as machine instructions.

As Evil Steve suggested, double check the validity of pMesh as well as the other parameters to the method call.

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