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Game Explorer, MinGW and Resource Files

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I hope this is the correct place for posting this. Background: The "Windows Game Explorer" needs an executable (EXE or DLL) which stores a XML file with information about a game (including images etc.) as embedded resources. This binary file is passed to the IGameExplorer interface (of the Platform- or DirectX-SDK) and have to contain resources with the names "__GDF_XML" and "__GDF_THUMBNAIL". I compiled a simple DLL with all needed resources and added it to the game explorer (using Visual Studio, with no problems). The resource file looks like this:
__GDF_XML DATA "GDFExampleBinary.gdf.xml"
101 ICON "gameicon_NEU.ico"
My aim is to create some kind of tool which dynamically compiles small resource DLL files for adding *new* games to the explorer which are not supported by windows or supply their own GDF resources. For that reason I tried to compile the same resource file with MinGW. I am no expert with resource files, but windres.exe does not seem to accept resource names starting with other characters than letters. So "__xx" is not possible (the error message is "syntax error"). But the resource names have to be "__GDF_XML" etc., so I failed to create an executable with MinGW which is accepted by the IGameExplorer interface. My question is: - is there any way to use resource names starting with two under-scores? - is it only possible to write executables for the game explorer using the visual studio compiler? I searched a lot on the internet but it is very hard to find information about resource files and how they are structured, I would be glad for any piece of information!

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