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Creating a toolbar through C-API

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Hi, I made a dll that has a bunch of function. One of them creates a CFrameWnd window. Inside the function that creates my CFrameWnd, I can create a CToolBar object. However I now want the user of the dll to be able to attach a customized CToolBar object to that window (instead of the default CToolBar object that I created during window creation). So I thought I simply create the customized CToolBar object in the client application in the same way I did in the dll function. That however does not seem to work: in release mode the toolbar appears, but doesn't have any bitmap, in debug mode, I get a debug assertion error in following function of "afxwin1.inl":
	{ ASSERT(afxCurrentInstanceHandle != NULL);
		return afxCurrentInstanceHandle; }

my toolbar is created (or rather I attempt to create my toolbar) in the client application with:
	CToolBar* toolBar;
	toolBar=new CToolBar();

What can I possibly be doing wrong?

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Thank you LessBread. I had a look at CodeProject and might have found where my problem lies. I cannot test it right now but the mistake I could have done is that at the beginning of each exported dll function, I call following function:

void commonDllStartRoutine()

I didn't realize that the macro AFX_MANAGE_STATE would loose its effect at the end of its scope! (so my calls to commonDllStartRoutine() don't have any effect it seems!)

Might that be my problem?

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