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Description: Concer is a 2D platform game based on the concept of "Conc Jumping" which was a technique used in the game Team Fortress Classic (TFC) to jump over a large distance. The game only has 10 levels and is only a ~2MB download. So please give it a try.

Download it here!!!

If the game crashes on startup you may not have the visual c++ runtime libraries installed. You can get them from here. Controls: [a] Move left [d] Move right [SPACE] Jump [MOUSE1] Press to prime a Conc Grenade, Release to throw the Conc Grenade in the direction of the cursor. Quick Tutorial: A Conc Grenade changes colour depending on the length of the fuse. A Conc Grenade will turn red just before it explodes. If you are close enough to a Conc Grenade when it explodes, you'll receive a boost. This is known as a 'Conc Jump'. The furthur you are away from a Conc Grenade, the greater boost you'll receive. So try and get as far away from the Conc Grenade without loosing the boost all together. Holding [Mouse1] will prime the conc grenade, listen for the beeps. The Conc Grenade will explode after the third beep. You can perform a Conc Jump with multiple concs, to jump even larger distances. Concer (the character you're controlling) has a lot of air resistance. Be sure to hold down [a] or [d] when you are trying to conc jump a great distance. Development Notes: Concer is written in C++ using MSVC++ 2005. OpenGl is used for graphics. SDL and its associated libraries are used as the framework for setup, input, audio and image loading (see http://www.libsdl.org). Box2d for the physics (see http://www.box2d.org). Guichan is used for the GUI (see http://guichan.sourceforge.net). TinyXml is used for parsing XML files (see http://sourceforge.net/projects/tinyxml). Site: http://www.squashedbug.net/projects/concer The Title Screen. A Basic Conc Jump. Watch out for those spikes! A double Conc Jump. [Edited by - squashed_bug on August 3, 2008 7:10:53 PM]

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Ok I have made a few changes:
Fixed the game crashes when a conc grenade goes off during level change.

You can now jump/run when you're standing on a conc grenade.

You can now press and hold mouse1 immediately after you have thrown a conc grenade and the next conc grenade will still prime.

Fixed being able to stand on a conc grenade that is on top of spikes.

Changed the size of the gap you have to jump through in level 3 to make it easier.

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Original post by Mybowlcut
I got this error:

Did you extract all the files from concer.zip, you can not run concer.exe from inside the zip. freetype6.dll should be in the concer directory.

I have made some more changes:
Textures are now compressed due to some graphics cards not supporting uncompressed textures.

Changes to level5 and level7 to stop conc grenades getting stuck in walls.

Fixed a few more game crash issues.

The new version can be downloaded from the link above.

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