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OpenGL Mouse interaction

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I'm having alot of trouble with implementing mouse interaction like you'd find in a Real-Time-Strategy - where you click on the screen your units move to etc. I think my problem is keep track of the 'lens' of the camera. Currently I'm treating the near clipping plane as the plane as the plane the user clicks on with the mouse - i.e. everything is drawn on the near clipping plane and shown on-screen. The co-ordinates of where the mouse clicks on the screen then map to co-ordinates on the near clipping plane. Then from these co-ordinates I project a line along the near clipping plane's normal to see where it hits the 'field of play'. As far as I can tell my math is ok. So like I said I think my problem is that I'm failing to keep track of where the near clipping plane is when I use the glLookAt(); command, or perhaps I'm just completely dense and have mis-understood something major in the way OpenGL works :s . I've been tinkering with it for days and haven't got anywhere so ANY help of advice etc. would be much appreciated.

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