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Function Pointers!?

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Well, me again. I want to use a queue in my game and need to know how to use function pointers! I know that you delare a function pointer like that: typedef int (*VPF)(int,int); But this is only a pointer on functions like int foo(int a,int b); It would be great if there is a possibility to have a pointer on any function like: int foo(int a, int b); void bah(); FPointer f; f = bah; f(); f = foo; f(12,23); How is this done? Thx skrwX

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I doubt it''s possible, simply because functions, when defined, have a specific address space partially dependent on the number and types of parameters the function is expecting... hence when you create a function pointer to it, the function pointer expects an *exact* match of types and number of params.

You *could* try using a va_array to parse through ''...'' parameters, but I don''t know if this would work. Example:

int (*FunctionPointer)(...);
int Func1(...);
int Func2(...);

FunctionPointer = Func1;
FunctionPointer(dwNumber, szString);

FunctionPointer = Func2;
FunctionPointer(fX, fY, fZ);

Might this work? You''ll have to look up vector array parsing, which isn''t too hard once you have the concept down. Let me know if this works!


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Guest Anonymous Poster
That can be hard to do in C++ due to it''s strict typeing. In most C compilers you could just define:

long (*FP) ();

which would allow it to point to any function and pass any number of parameters to it.

In C++ more creativity is nessicary, anything short of manipualting the stack yourself probably won''t work. Or perhaps odd use of operator overloading on a fuction pointer type.

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Wrap classes around your functions.

Define the class with all the parameters your function needs as members, initialise them in the constructor, overload operator() to act as the function call.

I can''t get to my C++ Users journals right now to give you an exact reference, but there was an article recently about using this method to implement callback functions with variable paramaters in a typesafe way. Might have been the March 2001 issue?

It''s worth looking into, it beats naked function pointers out of the field. The STL uses function objects extensively.


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