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z buffer innacuracy? [solved..]

Recommended Posts im rendering the sprite, then the semi-transparent plane behind the sprite. As you can see, the texture has an ugly transparent border around it. It seems to that is another problem. Not the fact that the white gets drawn over the transparent tree, that's been fixed. i mean that transparent horizontal line above the sprite. I think its getting doing a similar transparent border for a different sprite positioned above that one on the sprite sheet im using for the sprite object, and its somehow carrying over on there. any ideas? (edit: as for the topic title, i assumed it might also be a z buffer inaccuracy) (edit 2) Phew. Well, I got it. for some reason, the alpha blend flag on sprite-> begin doesnt work as advertised. So you need to enable alpha testing in the render states prior to sprite->begin, and filter all alpha values below whatever you set as the alpha in the color argument to drawsprite. [Edited by - sqpat on August 10, 2008 1:46:12 AM]

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