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FreeVector 1.7 Just Released

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Aside from the usual featues of FreeVector listed below: # No Compiler Required # Rendering controlled by FX files - Alter the renderer as you need. # Easy to use scriptable interface to control pawns and the player. # Easy to build menus with only a few script commands. # Prototype games quickly. # Built in Glare, Glow and Shadow Mapping. # Automatic LOD and Automatic Bump Mapping. # Automatic Outline Shading. # Per Pixel Lighting. # Built In Easy to Use Physics Engine. # Zero Buffer Locking at Runtime. # Render Gigantic Terrains and Endless Water. # Supports: .X Skinned and non skinned meshes. # Suports: DDS,TGA,JPG,BMP and PNG. Version 1.7 now has automatic motion blur wiich is controlled through script variables. The blur is for the forward or reverse vector. You can download FreeVector for free from: Bookshock Publications

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