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Luabind problem in release!

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Hi all. I have a little problem with luabind. When i compile and ru my program in debug, it works fine, no problem there. But when I try to do the same thing in release, it compiles but crashes when I try to bind my first class with luabind. Here is the initalize:
	_lState = lua_open();

	luaL_openlibs( _lState );

	luabind::open( _lState );

	Ogre::String folder = cf.getSetting("LUADir");
	int size = Ogre::StringConverter::parseInt(cf.getSetting("NumberOfScripts"));

	int error;
	for(int i = 0; i < size; i++)
		error = luaL_dofile(_lState, (folder+cf.getSetting("ScriptFile", Ogre::StringConverter::toString(i))).c_str());
		if( error != 0 )
			std::cout << "Cant read the file at: " <<  folder << cf.getSetting("ScriptFile", Ogre::StringConverter::toString(i)).c_str() << std::endl;
			return false;
		_loopSpawn.push_back(cf.getSetting("LoopStart", Ogre::StringConverter::toString(i)).c_str());

And here is the class binding where my program crashes:
			.def("ChangeState", &StateMachine<Robot>::ChangeState)
			.def("CurrentState", &StateMachine<Robot>::CurrentState)
			.def("SetCurrentState", &StateMachine<Robot>::SetCurrentState)

I do nothing lua related between these chunks of code, so I dont think you need any more code than that. And when it crashes, it says: "Expresion: vector iterator not dereferecable". I know what it means, but I do not know the cause. As you can see, the class I try to bind is a template, if that could be the problem, but as it works with the debug, I think it would be strange. Any help would be appreciated.

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