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Point sprite problem

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Hi everyone, I'm developing a 2d game using MDX for graphics. I'm currently trying to use point sprites for some particle effects, but I'm having problems with the positioning. It basicly seems like they ignore world/view/projection, or rather that they use their own. They act as if they were drawn in screen-space, but with the center of the screen as 0,0. I use ortho projection, can this cause problems? I set the PointSpriteEnable, PointScaleEnable, PointSize, PointSizeMax, PointScaleA/B/C renderstates. Can bad values for these cause problems? Does anyone have any ideas? [Edit] Never mind, it's just me being stupid. I forgot to reset the world matrix after rendering a quad at the center of the screen. [Edited by - DvDmanDT on August 11, 2008 9:58:01 AM]

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