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Am i following the right path?

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lukespug    122
hi ive started to learn c++ in the idea of creating my own pc games. ive started by studying "beginning c++ game programming" so far i think its a good book but im not so sure. has anyone got any ideas of any books or programs to start learning please? thankyou

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XKamikaze    122
What is your background with software development/programming?
If you don't have any background, I would recommend with a something really, really simply to get an understanding of programming.
You can try learning Flash/Actionscript first, infact, many of the games out there are built with it (EA Sports Games front-end is built using it).
If you're a high school student, I would recommend playing around with Scratch: ... I heard alot of good things about it for learning about simple programming concepts.

Otherwise, try learning C# rather than C++. Once you get a really good understanding of the language, they have the XNA game SDK which you can build games with.

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