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vb6 DoEvents

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Hi people. I got a source code in which i need to use the DoEvents so that when the at command sends back an ok, i can display the other data out on the textbox. I need to know the response too.

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ok my code are as follows:

Private Sub write_Click()
state = 5
For z = 2 To j
If InStr(names(z), "+CPBR:") Then
k = InStr(names(z), "+CPBR:")
If k > 0 Then
Mid$(names(z), k, 6) = " "
End If

MSComm1.Output = "AT+CPBW=" + names(z) & vbCrLf
End If

Text1.Text = Text1.Text + names(z)


End Sub

I'm using AT command to read the contacts from a mobile phone and then stored into an array. Now the result is that when I do the codes above, it will display: for instance:

AT+CPBW= 7,"88889999",129,"junwei carol/M"

AT+CPBW= 57,"9252545345",129,"lala/H"

AT+CPBW= 99,"6523434",129,"boo/H"

AT+CPBW= 141,"98222222",129,"john hp/M"

AT+CPBW= 173,"96333445",129,"julia hp/M"

AT+CPBW= 204,"97977788",129,"liang zheng hp/H"


They will send "ok" when we put vbCrlf. but I want it to display in sequence like AT+CPBW= 1,"99989",129,"eg/h"
den 2...till 250
There will be a response time in between that causes the irregular intervals.

How do I solve the problem so that they can loop and display everything?
Should I use DoEvents or Timer or Sleep?
By the way, Im using VB6.
Please help.

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