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What game engine should I look into?

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G'day! As part of my university Physics course I used a visual module for python called VPython to model the activities of subatomic particles. I found this fairly interesting and in my own spare time went ahead and made a program that featured spaceships chasing each other firing missiles that automatically tracked and dodged using realistic physics (not that WW2-in-space stuff you normally get). I was thinking of making that into a game but unfortunately in my personal experience VPython wasn't the most stable of environments and would crash for seemingly random reasons. I'd like to find a game engine or 3D environment that would be suitable for a Newtonian (non-WW2) space combat simulator and the large spaces & speeds it would require. I learnt to program on Java, found Python a breeze and am not afraid to learn to C# or or any other language if it's the most direct course. I'm not hung up on great graphics or anything (although potential would be nice), I'd be happy with untextured cubes with poor lighting provided the distances can be large and the game stable. Thanks in advance! [smile] tl;dr need engine for space simulator that could be used for a game.

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I'm currently learning c++. i was using blitz3d. Like you i've always wanted to make the same sort of game.

Some things you may be interested in looking at are:

Infinity Quest for Earth:
Check out the forums on their website to find out about how to go about that sort of thing and see their work in progress. It looks likes it is going to be amazing. Also check the videos of it on Youtube.

The Tomorrow War:
Same type of game. Coming out next month in usa and uk i believe. was russian and came out there last year or something. check that out on youtube also.

Also you can find out a lot about how to make your own engine by looking on google for spherical terrains and procedural universes and such like. It seems as though no one is giving away many secrets in this regard though unfortunatley but Infinity Quest for Earth is being created mainly by one genius of a programmer who has created his own engine, the i-novae engine or something. if you look on that website you'll find that he is looking to market the engine on its own when finished and the game has been released. Check it out. Especially the real time videos going from planet surface to space to gas giant and rings. amazing stuff.

Hope this helps.

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