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Windows Threads for input

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Hello, I am developing a 2d windows game using directx 7.0 and M$ Visual C++ 6.0. I am having a small problem with my input. I currently have my windows stuff in one thread and the main game in another. This works fine. But I want to put my input functions in another thread so that I can get new input anytime and not have to exit a graphic loop to read in the new keys. I can get it to do the graphics but the keyboard is not working. I can alt-tab out of the program. So it seems that my input is not being taking by Direct Input. I am at school right now so I can''t paste any code but I would appreacite any sample code or idea''s that you can give me. I am getting readdy for final exams so I can''t get much time in for programming and so far this is the only problem I ran into so far. Thank you for you time. Minerjr

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