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Graphics API Design

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I am currently working on a homebrew video card for a hobby operating system. I decided to make my own since its near impossible to write drivers for modern cards due to lack of documentation(vesa only, no 2d/3d accel). My current card design is based around a fpga with 32mb of 32bit sdram. I plan to use a dac that can achieve 1024x768 resolution. I want to design a new graphics api(2d maybe simple 3d) for this card. Software implementation first then hardware support. I plan to use the api for projects beyond this one. Some of the projects planned or currently in development: Tome Game system(current and future versions) Operating System(for computers and mobile devices in dev) Video Card Phone(currently designing hardware and software) Mobile Computer This may seem a bit ambitious for one person but I have been making great progress(check out TomeGS). I will let you know when I have my project pages completed if anyone is interested. I would appreciate any links to information or recommendations on where to begin.

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