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MagEscape 1.7

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Old post got retired: Old Post I made a lot of changes to the game in all this time. The level editor and the game are now separated. You can access the editor adding "-editor" when running MagEscape.exe (I made a batch file for this) MagEscape 1.7 Game: ----- -Added "Continue" option: Loads the game in the last level before you exited game last time. -Added "Load Map" option: Just write the name of the file (without the .txt) and you can play it. -Added very basic animations and sprites: walking, jumping ,grabbing to blocks, being killed by fireballs or enemies. -Added a simple background. Wall with some torches. -Added enemies: If there are enemies alive in the level, you have to kill them before going through the exit door. (Try maps mapax01 and mapax02) -Added new ability, "Remove blocks": You can remove player blocks. -Changed the user's blocks sprites. -Now you can jump when grabbing to blocks, so you can stay there longer. -Debug mode removed. (It's now the editor) Editor: ------- -F1: Puts the start door where you are pointing. -F2: Puts the exit door where you are pointing. -Left mouse click: Add the block you have selected in the hud. (You can add player blocks too) -Middle mouse click: Erases the torch/block/ball/enemy in the position of the pointer. (You have to select the initial position of balls or enemies, not the current one) -Right mouse click: Adds an enemy. You can set the number of blocks the player can use by left or right clicking the numbers under each block. To save the map you have to select "Save" in the pause menu, and then write the maps's name withouth the ".txt" I don't thing there are more important changes, I can't remember them all. Hope you like it. If you make an interesting map you should post it here... I'm not good at making them.

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