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Kazmath, a C math library

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Hi all, For a while now I've been building up a little 3D math library written in C. Recently Carsten (the other NeHe maintainer, and general math genius) has been contributing too. Its NOT FINISHED and hasn't been tested thoroughly (unit tests are next on our list) but if any of you feel inclined I would appreciate feedback, patches, suggestions, feature requests etc. You can find it under browsable GIT version control here: Currently there are only build files for Linux using cmake, (that is only because I haven't got round to writing a cmake file for Windows yet, if anyone fancies implementing one, feel free), there are no other dependencies. Any patches should be sent to kazade AT gmail Dot Com with the subject "Kazmath" or "Patch" or something. Let me know what you think [smile] Luke. PS. I am aware that git doesn't easily work on Windows, so when I have time I will migrate to a more Windows-friendly version control system.

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