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GL_EXT_draw_instanced and Quadro?

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Good time of the day, In my application, I've used GL_EXT_draw_instanced extention to optimize the geometric instance drawing. This gives me about 4x speed up on my 9600GT. But most of the target machines for the application are going to run Quadro FX 4700. A frustrating discovery is that drawing with this extention on that card is even slower than using regular draw loop. I am using glew and the extention check shows that the extension is supported and the code using it actually draws things properly. But it seems that the driver is doing the "software draw loop", removing any performance benefit of hardware instancing. I was wondering if Quadros could possibly make use of this extention. If not what other techniques could be used to speed up geometric instancing on the Quadro GPU's? Thanks beforehand!

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