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D3DX and Microsoft .NET

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I have been "playing" with DirectX since version 6, and I have lately spent a lot of time working with the beginings of 3D engine in Version 8 and 8b. I am more than pleased with the 8b library, however, much of my intial development has been in Visual Basic 6.0 and I''d like to flesh out my classes a bit more in a more object-oriented language. Since I''m also a beta tester for Microsoft''s Visual Studio 7, I tried converting my project into C# or VB7 and found that everything came across EXCEPT the Math Library functions like D3DXVEC3ROTATE() etc. I''ve scoured the DxVBLibA in Object Explorer, and I cannot seem to find these helper functions anywhere. I find this odd, since the rest of D3DX is accessable just fine. Anyone else try playing around with D3DX and .NET? Should give up and shift to C++ 6.0? Generic Bum

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