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Weird Stuff with DirectSound

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I got some weird things going on with DirectSound again. Thanks for all who helped me in my previous pos, but this is slightly weird.
int AudioEngine :: LoadSegment(char *filename, bool Background, int ID)
	Sound * temp = new Sound;
	WCHAR wcharStr[MAX_PATH];
    MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, filename, -1, wcharStr, MAX_PATH); // convert filename to unicode string

	if(FAILED(m_pLoader->LoadObjectFromFile(CLSID_DirectMusicSegment, IID_IDirectMusicSegment8, wcharStr, (void**)&temp->m_pSegment)))
		return -1;


		if(FAILED(m_pPerformance->CreateStandardAudioPath(DMUS_APATH_DYNAMIC_3D, 64, TRUE, &temp->m_p3DAudioPath))) // create a standard 3D audiopath
			return -1;
		if(FAILED(temp->m_p3DAudioPath->GetObjectInPath( 0,DMUS_PATH_BUFFER,0,GUID_NULL,0, IID_IDirectSound3DBuffer,(void**)&temp->m_pDirectSoundBuffer3D)))
			return -1;
		temp->m_p3DAudioPath = NULL;
		temp->m_pDirectSoundBuffer3D = NULL;
	if(m_pListener != NULL)
			0,									// Performance channel.
			DMUS_PATH_PRIMARY_BUFFER,			// Stage in the path.
			0,									// Index of buffer in chain.
			GUID_NULL,							// Class of object.
			0,									// Index of object in buffer; ignored.
			IID_IDirectSound3DListener,			// GUID of desired interface.
			(void**)&m_pListener				// Pointer that receives interface.
	if(ID < 0)
		temp->id = placer++;
		Audio[ID] = *temp;
	return (int(Audio.size()) - 1);

This is how I am loading my segments to be played in DirectSound. But for some reason it cant overwrite. As in, if I load one piece of music onto this location, say the first element of the vector(Audio), then want another piece of music to be overwritten. for example AudioManager * audio = new AudioManager; audio->LoadSegment("music1.wav", true, -1); audio->LoadSegment("music2.wav", true, 0); while in debugging mode, I noted that that the first element of the vector(Audio) has been changed, but when I try to play it, no sound comes out. why?

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