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Paddle ball breakout

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I was thinking that after i finish the cpp module 2 at i might try to make a game that uses the brick breaking of breakout with instead of just a ball bouncing back and forth using some sort of elastic band effect between the ball and paddle. Any suggestions on how i might do this? By the way it will be done with gdi and programmer art.

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Sure, just model the elastic band as a spring obeying Hooke's Law. Ignore forces produced by the band being below its rest length.

Or, in other words:

rest_length = xxx
stiffness = yyy

each frame:
spring_displacement = ball_position - paddle_position
spring_length = length(spring_displacement)
if spring_length > rest_length:
ball_acceleration = normalize(spring_displacement) * (rest_length - spring_length) * stiffness
ball_velocity += ball_acceleration * dT
ball_position += ball_velocity * DT

Also, moved to For Beginners.

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