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GL Colour ordering...

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I''m having a little trouble with colour component ordering, specifically between big/little endian platforms (and also between renderers on the same platform). A quick explanation:- The colour format used by glDrawPixels and other pixel transfer functions can be changed by specifying GL_BGRA_EXT in the calls, or by using glPixelStore with one of the SWAP constants, I can''t see any way to change the expected colour order when using "glColor4ubv", or prepacked colour arrays when using "glColorPointer". This is quite an annoying problem as it''s preventing me from writing a suitable wrapper class for the 3D api''s I''m using on several platforms, without programmatically flipping colour dwords over all the time... The ability to flip the expected colour order for glColor4ubv would be nice, though _any_ suggestions welcomed... Many thanks, Jans.

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