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Architecture - Book Recommendation

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After taking a break for a while due to burnout, I feel I'm ready to jump back into programming. I've been at it for a while, have learned a lot, but I'm still stuck when it comes to creating a structure for my code. The biggest thing is organizing my resource manager(s); loading and deleting resources (images, sounds, etc) efficeintly, deleting allocated memory properly, and so on. I understand the basics of state management using Finite State Machines (on a stack), but would like more information on this. I've read a lot of beginning programming books but none of them seem to touch on stuff like this. More like language keywords or API functions. So GameDev, can you recommend me a book that will teach me this? I'll use either C++ or C#, and if it talks about API's, OpenGL, DirectX 9, XNA, and SDL are all fine.

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