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threading and shared data class

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EDIT: that was weird... thx for the tip

ive made a simple system baed on the producer/consumer pattern for my engine...

basicly i have 2 thread one update thread(producer) and a render thread(consumer)... the basic idea is to keep two mirrored copies of all data for each thread... so if the update thread updates an object the class makes a copy of the modified object and sends it over to the render thread...

its not very advanced and i think its pretty much self explanatory


my question is how i can make this faster?

the problem im specifically thinking about is that the objects are "memcpy"id twice which is unecssary... it would be better if the consumer could simply switch pointers with the objectpool...

|¤| = state data
|#| = change data
| | = reusable memory


STEP 1: send data to consumer (copy to a memory pool)

-> |#| -> |#| ->
producer|¤| |¤| consumer

STEP 2: switch pointers (right now im simply copying again)

-> |#| ->
producer|¤| |#| <-> |¤| consumer

STEP 2: recycle data

|#| -> |#| ->
producer|¤| |¤| consumer
<- | | <-

it would probably only be possible if i switched pointer for the chunks.. this requires however that the entire chunk is copied in the producer which is alright even if not all objects are modified since memcpy on the entire chunk would be faster than copying objects one by one... and i can only tweak the chunk size depending on how likely it is that the data will be changed and has to be copied..

im unsure how i would implement this properly or if its even a good idea... any help or suggestions?

EDIT: switch placed between producer and consumer...

[Edited by - Dragon_Strike on August 16, 2008 2:47:02 PM]

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