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Tanks and Rogues Teaser Video

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Tanks and Rogues is mod for Quake III Arena where teamplay is woven into the very seams of the game. I just finnished the mod's first teaser video and without further ado I present it here to you. Vimeo
">Youtube Direct Link In Tanks and Rogues there are two classes: tanks and rogues. The tank is strong but slow, the rogue is fast and weak but carries great importance. She is the only one who can disable the tanks' otherwise impenetrable shields. Once that is done she has to call in her friend tanks to deal damage to the now shieldless victim. This is all carefully designed to push players into a tight kind of teamplay that is rarely seen in other games. There is also the Team Grenade which is really simple. Only the tanks can throw it and only the rogues can activate it. Blowing one up is a team effort but with it goes the neighbourhood. To break up the gameplay a bit we also added the Power Taunt. Using the standard Quake III Arena gesture command simultaneously launches a powerful explosion in between. Making for an awesome moment where the players emerge taunting from the flames of the explosion and the blood fountains of their enemies. A cool thing about all this is that it has all been implemented serverside. There is really no need to download anything to play. Just find a server running it and you're go for teamplay. The release will be on 1st of September this year, then you can download the qvm and run your own server. In the meanwhile we will continue testing it so that it's as good as possible on release. If you want to help out, join our forums at [Edited by - LockeCole on August 18, 2008 6:00:22 AM]

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