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VBO indices problem...

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Hi again, I'm having quite some struggle with VBO's, more precisly indexed VBOs. Could someone explain why this works...
                        for (int i=0; i < T->meshes[a]->indexCount; i++)

...while VBO's provides funky UV's? Vertices seem correct as the structure of the models are correct. I also tried to modify the loading, and that helps to some extent - but some areas of the model are still problematic:
                mesh->uvs = new var2<float>[mesh->uvCount];
                var2<float> *uvs = new var2<float>[mesh->uvCount];
       *)(&uvs[0]), sizeof(var2<float>)*mesh->uvCount);

                for (int i=0; i < mesh->indexCount; i++)
                mesh->uvs[mesh->indices[i]] = uvs[i];

Since the immediate mode rendering can be controlled to a higher extent, I suspect that my exporter is providing false uv-coords and that I "repair" these in code. But as VBO expect a more rigid structure, rendering gets messy. I'm getting both cross-eyed and grey-haired from this dilemma, and would be grateful for any tips. :) Thank you for your time! /Robert

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